Hickory art of golf memorabilia

Hickory art. Celebrate the heroes of your collection. Paintings and drawings of your wonderful collectibles of golf history. Painted collectibles, golf clubs, golf trophies, portraits of famous golfers, or whatever.
Or are you looking for a unique, personal gift? Perhaps you will find the appropriate suggestion here. Original hand drawing or painting, with or without frame, whether big or small, everything is possible. Specially painted or drawed for you? No problem. For small or large budget.
I'm pleased if I can paint it for you. Here you can see some examples.

Some examples of hickory art

Since 2009 I've designed the golfika magazine title of the EAGHC and painted the title pic as well.
The European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors.

Do you want more information about hickory golf art?
I'd be glad to answer your questions.